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Taking Your Business To The Next Level

We provide different types of business financing services to better serve our clients

We do not offer loans or financial services in California at this time, but we do offer consulting services there.

Real Estate Business Loans


We have three options available

After Repair Loan

Buy to Rent Bridge Loan

Long Term Rental Loan

The property must be owned by a business 

Various Business Loans & Financing Services


Funding options start from $5,000 to 50 million depending on the kind of loan you qualify for or are applying for

Lines of Credit

Equipment Financing

Merchant Cash Advance

Invoice Factoring or Accounts Receivable

Medical Business Financing

Client Service Financing

Business Acquisition

Startup Business Financing

Real Estate Financing


Hard Money Loans

Multi Family- %+ Units

Mixed Use-Retail Plus Apartments

Retail- Restaurants

Office- Apartment Buildings

Warehouses and industrial properties

Churches and other special use properties

No primary residences- vacant land, or rural properties.

Loan Amount: $100k-$50Mil

Terms: 12 months -30 Years

LTV: Up to 75%

Amortization: Up to 30 Years

Interest Rate: Start at 7%

Foreign Nationals Qualify

Low Credit and Tax Issues- not a problem

Payments: Interest Only monthly payments or fully amortized periods

Closing Time: 2-4 weeks

Rehab Costs: Up to 100%

Lein Position: First Only

We will need answers to the following questions.

  1. Property Address?

  2. Property type?

  3. If purchase, what is the purchase price and down payment available?

  4. If refinance, what is the estimated value? And what is the amount owed?

  5. Closing under entity (LLC or Inc) or personal name?

  6. Amount of liquid assets available?

  7. How many investment properties have been owned by the borrower in the last 36 months?

  8. What is the estimated credit score?

  9. Is the property generating income?

  10. Rate and term expectations?

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Loan Amount: $150k-$50mil

All Credit Scores Accepted

LTV: Up to 80% of the purchase price

Flexible Terms: Both fixed  and adjustable

Fast Approval and Competitive Rates

Bridge Loans

Same Day Approval Available

Time to Fund: 2-4 weeks

Property Types: Single-Family,multi-family, commercial, and industrial

Loan Amount: $100k - $50mil

Terms: 6 months to 24 months

Lien Position: 1st

LTV: Up to 75% of the current value of the property

Interest Rates: 7-14% (Interest-only payments)

Foreign National Loans

-Call for more information on this kind of loan


Loans for Investment Properties

After Repair Loan

Buy to Rent Bridge Loan

Long Term Rental Loan

Application Approval Timeline: Same day approval available

Loan Amount: $150k-$50mil

Loan Term: 1-30 years

Lien Position: 1st

LTV: Up to 80% of the current value of property

Interest Rates & Points: Starting at 6%

The property must be owned by a business 

 Business Loans & Funding Option

Lines of Credit Requirements

     Loan Amount: $20k-$250k

     Term: 6-12 months

     Minimum Credit Score: 630

Interest Rate: 3-18%

StartUp Business Loan

Loan Amount: $25k-$500k

Term: 3 to 10 years monthly payments

Minimum Credit Score: 650

Interest Rates: 6-18%

Equipment Financing & Leasing

Loan Amount: $30k-$5mil

Term: 1 to 5 years

Time to Funding: 3-5 days

Interest Rates: 6%-35%

Merchant Cash Advance

Loan Amount: $5k-$5mil

Minimum Credit Score 478

Term: 3-18 months

Factoring Rate: Starting at 1.20

Funding: Within 3 days

Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Refinance Existing Credit Line

Funding Amount: $250k to $5mil

Term: 12 months to 10 Years

LTV: A/R  up to 80%, Inventory up to 50%, PO's up to 100% of COGS

Unsecured Business Loans

Loan Amount: $200k-$350k

Time In Business: 5 Years

Annual Sale: $750k

FICO: 720

Unsecured Term Loan

Loan Amount: $100,001- $1999,999

Time In Business: 1 Year

Terms: 1-3 years

FICO: 660 Experian

Company Term Business Loan

Loan AMount$20k-$350K

Time In Business: 1 Year

Term: 1-4 Years

Annual Gross Revenue: $100k

FICO: 660+

Interest Rate Start at: 9%

Time to Fund: 1-3 business days

SBA Loans

Loan Amounts: $200k-$10mil

Terms: 3-25 Years

Rates: 5-9%

Personal Loans

Loan Amount: $25k-$500k

FICO: 650

Term: 1-5 Years

Rates: 6-18%

Credit Card Lines

Line Amount:  $1k-$30k

FICO: 625

Rates:  0% first 12-18 months then 10-22% depending on the bank

Get multiple lines up to $150k

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