The Power of Lending 

We do not just provide business loans, but we also educate our clients on what is the best loan for them and why. Why is this important? Because it saves our clients time and money. We are the advisors of today's loan market.

Our Services

To take your business to the next level

We provide different types of business financing services to better serve our clients

Real Estate Business Loans

We have three options available

After Repair Loan

Buy to Rent Bridge Loan

Long Term Rental Loan

The property must be owned by a business 

Various Business Loans & Financing Services

Our loans start from $5,000 to 20 million depending on the kind of loan you qualify for.

Lines of Credit

Equipment Financing

Merchant Cash Advance

Invoice Factoring or Accounts Receivable

Medical Business Financing

Client Service Financing

Business Acquisition

Startup Business Financing

Suggested Services To Help You Grow

For the business owner just starting off or for a company that is having problems gaining traction. We offer  client consulting and advice. We offer feedback so you know if you are heading in the right direction.  Skip the pitfall, which most entrepreneur fall into because they don't have any guidance or they think they have enough. Everyone should have a mentor or coach. Some one who has the experience and has walked the path ahead of you. With over 23 years of business experience in the corporate world.  We have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals and asperations in life as a entrepreneur and person.

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At this time we do not offer loans or financing services in California, but we do offer consulting services.


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Our experts are the finest

Here at Promeritum, we believe that the power of business financing services lies with our customers; those businesses who are having a hard time securing loans, either from their banks or any other financial houses. We are Promeritum, a private broker for business loans. With over 15 years of working for reputable financial institutions, we have the experience and knowledge in the industry to provide you with nothing but the best business financing services.

Our drive is never for the profit rather, from the success stories of our numerous happy customers; we are very passionate about helping businesses succeed. We offer services in most industries, whereas we also provide loan facilities for both small- and large-scale businesses. Because we believe in the power of opportunity, we have created new ways of making it work for other companies, helping them benefit from one of the loans or financing options we have available.

We have your best interest at heart, which is why we have carefully selected our products to suit the current business environment. From the way we have designed our process, every loan or financing program is made available by private lenders using their own money, while we manage and monitor the whole process to make sure that it is the right loan or financing for each company’s situation that we deal with.


Client Testimonials

Don Gonzalez

Thank you guys so much for all your help in getting a loan. After others had turned me down to start a new business. You guided me through the process.

Kathy Snider

I had already secured a loan from another company for my business, but I needed another loan. Thank you guys for coming through for me on the second loan.

Jason Henderson

We are an I.T. company and our bank we had been with for years only offered us $20,000, but we needed to finish a project we had for a well known company for $150,000 and you guys did it for us. You guys are awesome!


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Small Businesses




Real Estate



Staffing Service

And many others


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