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At the Forefront

We are Promeritum, a private broker for business loans.

With over 23 years of working experience building lending solutions with leading reputable financial institutions. Our financial professional have the experience and knowledge in the industry to provide you with nothing but the best business financing services.

Our customers are at the core of our decision thus our drive is never for the profit rather, from our numerous success stories and satisfied customers; we are very passionate about helping businesses succeed.

We make the complex, simpler by offering loan services for both small- and large-scale businesses. Because we believe in the power of financial well-being, our goal has been to create strategies that work for all scales of business needs by helping them benefit from a business loan or chose from our various financing options.

We have your best interest at heart, which is why we have carefully selected our products to suit each individual client based on the current business environment. From the way we have designed our process, to every loan or financing program we strive to find the optimal private lenders to meet our customer’s needs.

As your personal private brokers and advisors, we manage and monitor the whole process to make sure that it is the right loan or financing for each company’s situation to make the most out of your financial decisions.

Done Deal

Mission Statement

To empower entrepreneurs, and business owners by solidifying their new or existing financial foundation and accelerate financial (capital) fluidity to improve their business.

Vision Statement

We thrive at finding the optimal loan or financial solutions for each individual situation so that our customers can focus with ease on building their business.


At Promeritum we are committed to help our customers achieve their business and financial success while positively leaving an imprint on society.

” When our customers succeed, we celebrate their growth”- Tim Smith CEO

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