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Accounts receivable lending

Accounts receivable financing or invoice lending is a way for businesses to get their hands on more funding, which is not available from traditional lending institutions such as banks. Many companies need additional funding to support growth, seasonal demands, expansion opportunities, or solve short-term cash problems. Promeirtum’s Accounts receivable lending service will provide your company with accounts receivable loans that are flexible and give you immediate access to cash. This cash is usually required to grow, re-structure, take advantage of an expansion opportunity, hire more employees, fund the payroll, or take advantage of supplier discounts. With our accounts receivable lending service, you will not have to give up equity. Due to this, it is less expensive and restrictive as equity financing. 

We at Promeritum lending will provide you with accounts receivable loans that will allow you to free up time and run your business with an iron fist. After choosing our accounts receivable lending service, you will be able to service your customers properly and generate revenue for your business. It will also allow you to manage your receivables properly, ensuring better cash management and cash flow. Without the issue of running capital, you will also be able to focus on other areas of your business, such as customer communication, lost shipments, misplaced invoices, and keeping up with payments. And as our accounts receivable loans provide you with access to more money, you can ask us to adjust it accordingly. You can either ask us to increase or decrease it, depending on the situation of your business. 


You only need to provide us with unpaid invoices, and we will surely oblige by giving you the loan that you require to operate your business. What's more, as lending decisions based upon invoice quality, the process is faster than applying for a traditional loan from a typical financial institution. In fact, in some cases, money can be issued the same day as the application. We at Promeritum Lending will work with you and find out what accounts receivable financing solutions are the best fit for you. Our team of finance specialists will create a solution that will be specialized for you.

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