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The Power of Planning

No matter what you are doing you have to plan ahead. You have to have a game plan in place. Now as you go you are going to adjust it here and there. Sometimes some things will come up that are not in your game plan. All you can do is adjust it, roll with it, and put yourself in a better position.

Have a written plan right beside you at all time to remind you what you are doing and when you wanted to have certain goals done by. Always check to see where your revenue is. Make sure you are marketing to the right customers, make sure the marketing is working, and your getting revenue from it. If you are getting revenue from it. Is it at the amount you need it at? Can you increase it and how? Will it give you more money than you are spending? So, plan out your strategy for marketing, customer service, your infrastructure, and finances. The plan you make should cover the next 3 years and stick to your budget. If you have to adjust some things, do so. Even ask another company for advice that specialize in what you need or someone else you know who owns a successful business (A Mentor). Do not overspend and do not get impatient. Do not let your emotions control your destination. Numbers do not lie. Good Luck!


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