Merchant Cash Advance

At Promeritum we provide merchant cash advances  to individuals looking to boost their business.

What is a merchant cash advance?

An MCA( merchant cash advance) is a funding option in which money is loaned against a business's daily credit card income. Every business owner, be it big or small, will eventually run into cash problems from time to time. The problem is knowing where to go to get funding when traditional financial institutions such as banks, won't even look at your application. However, if you run a small business that accepts credit cards, then there is a solution for your cash problem. Merchant cash advance loans are right for companies that need quick cash to run the day to day operations. If you have been in business for a considerable time, and your credit card transactions are over an amount, then you will be eligible for a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance came into existence to avoid problems that individuals experience with traditional financial institutions where there are long approval processes and waiting periods. 

With Promeritum, you can turn tomorrow’s credit card income into today’s money. There is no other faster way of getting quick cash than a merchant cash advance loans. Spend it any way you like. We will get paid when you will get paid. Payback is also very easy. There will be no checks or invoices to write. We will get paid by receiving a small percentage of your business credit card's income when it is topped up. This percentage will not change. Even if it is a slow day at the office, it will remain constant. If your business flourishes, you will pay back the advance quicker. With us, you will get be on your way in a few minutes and could receive the loan the same day.

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